TIStrategy Business Coaching, Leadership & Management Services


Leaders must constructively lead their teams through that change by:

  • Understanding their organization’s identity and its environment;

  • Understanding the factors that are driving change internally and externally; 

  • Developing a vision and plan that shapes and constructively directs that change; and

  • Defining what they want their organization to become, where it actually is and how to move in the preferred direction. Those are all difficult questions to answer from within the organization because the internal perspective affects perceptions, even of data or objective facts.

TIStrategy offers a range of modules, tools and processes to understand, define, plan, organize and implement change. 


Discovery & Organizational Identity

  • Challenges, changes, competition 

  • Assessing leaders, teams and potential

  • Mission, vision, values

  • Culture and structure



Strategic Planning

  • Processes and paradigms for planning

  • Plan development and articulation

  • Financial modeling

  • Organizing for success

  • Tactical implementation


Going to Market

  • Brand development

  • Marketing data and strategies

  • Sales systems and training

Operational Systems

  • Revenue and profitability

  • Leveraging technology and data

  • People and productivity

Leadership and Management

  • Team assessment and effectiveness

  • Senior leader coaching

  • Management assessment and development